2010 Crafco Super Shot 250 Diesel Crack Seal Melter w/ Autoloading Conveyor, 1820 hours w/ 90 Day Limited Warranty, City Trade In, $31,755.00 + applicable taxes & shipping

FOR SALE, 2010 Crafco Super Shot 250 Diesel Melter, 1,820 hrs, City Trade-IN. This unit is in good to very good condition traded in from a city that had to have another one just newer. This Crafco SS250D comes with a 250 gallon oil jacketed tank, auto loading conveyor, gravity pour outlet, strobe light, fire extinguisher, tool box, engine cover and 28″ hitch extension to save your tail gate w/ an adjustable height 2-1/2″ pintle hitch w/ 7 pin RV style trailer plug.

This unit is clean and ready to go to work for ONLY $31,755.00. Price includes a 90 day Limited Warranty, Applicable taxes and transportation expenses to destination NOT INCLUDED.

For more information please call 303-935-2485

Hours are subject to change due to units may be on rent or last inspection may not be to date current.