Alemite® Airless Spray Equipment

Alemite Air - Operated Pumps

Alemite's Modern Material Pumping Systems (MM/PS) have proven themselves to provide the best performance for the value unequaled in the industry.

Alemite's pneumatic powered reciprocating piston pumps can dependably handle a wide variety of waterproofing and roof coatings. Materials may be pumped from their original containers or bulk storage tanks with proper mounting and piping configurations.

Alemite MM/PS pumps have two component parts - air motors and down tubes. Designed and built for heavy-duty service and long life. Alemite pumps have these features.

Economical Operation - Using an average of 4 - 6 CFM of air per gallon of material pumped, only the required amount is pumped and there is no material waste. Pumps operate only on demand.

Separated design - Pumped material cannot enter the air motor so contamination is not possible.

Double-Action / Positive Displacement - Material is pumped on both up and down piston strokes for uniform flow.

Pump Model No. (1)7886-A7886-B7886-S7896-A7896-B7896-S
Pump Material (2)  303 SS  303 SS
Container Size (Gallons)5555555555
Recommended Continuous Delivery (GPM)7 3/47 3/47 3/4444
Maximum Free Flow Delivery (GPM) (4)13 (A)13 (A)13 (A)7 (A)7 (A)7 (A)
Actual Cycles Per Gallon303030303030
Actual Fluid Oz. Displacement Per Cycle4.
Air Consumption (CFM/GAL) (5)99916 1/416 1/416 1/4
Maximum Material Pressure (PSI)220022002200440044004400
Pump Ratio11:111:111:122:122:122:1
Air Motor Size (Inches)4 1/44 1/44 1/4666
Air Inlet & Outlet (NPTF) (6)3/4"3/4"3/4"3/4"3/4"3/4"
Down Tube Type (7)PPPPPPPPPPPP
Down Tube Packing MaterialBuna-NBuna-NTeflonBuna-NBuna-N 
Teflon Packing Kit No. (8)331916331916STD331916331916STD
Pipe Adapter Kit No. (8)331917331917NA331917331917NA
Material Outlet (NPTF)1"1"1"1"1"1"
Pump Weight (Pounds)654865766076
Pump Height (Inches)634353634363
  1. All pumps are furnished with Quick-Detach air coupler and connector. Pumps are furnished with bung adapter.
  2. Pumps are made of standard steel unless otherwise marked. SS indicates Stainless Steel.
  3. Construction materials meet FDA and 3A sanitary standards.
  4. Materials pumped at 75° F and 100 psi air pressure
    (A) 10W oil, 350 SSU @ 75° F.
  5. Air consumption given at 75 psi air pressure and recommended delivery.