DISSCO 3000 Series Heaters

DISSCO's High Pressure Heaters are designed to efficiently heat waterproofing and roofing materials so as to ease the application of the product and to provide the applicator with the ability to heat only the material necessary to complete a large or small job without having to heat a entire tank of material.

The DISSCO heater was developed with efficiency and safety in mind. All DISSCO heaters are built to withstand working pressures up to 5000 psi. DISSCO's unique coil design enables the coil to endure the expansion and contraction of high temperatures and the sever pulsation associated with high pressure piston pumps thus providing several years of trouble free service.

DISSCO builds two sizes of propane fired heaters based on Btu output. The Model 3062 is a 62,000 Btu heater and the Model 3083 is a larger unit at 83,000 Btu.

The Model 3062 works well with material pumps delivering up to 4 gallons per minute with a ambient starting material temperature down to 30° F. When using larger pumps or when working in colder temperatures the Model 3083 is recommended. The Model 3083 heater will handle pumps delivering rates up to 7 gallons per minute and with ambient starting material temperatures of below 0° F.

All DISSCO heaters are thermostatically controlled with a temperature range of 75° F to 175° F and will not coke or bake materials passing through the unit.

DISSCO also incorporates automatic safety controls into all our heaters to provide the safest and easiest heaters to operate in the industry.

Model 3062
Max output 62,000 Btu
Temp. range 65 - 175°F
Max throughput 4 gpm
Max rated psi 5000 psi
Fuel Propane
Model 3083
Max output 83,000 Btu
Temp. range 65 - 175°F
Max throughput 7 gpm
Max rated psi 5000 psi
Fuel Propane

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