DISSCO GP Sprayers

DISSCO GP Sprayers are designed for the spray application of oil-based or asphalt cutback seal coatings or non-filled emulsified asphalts. DISSCO GP Sprayers work very well for the spray application of oil based or Gilsonite seal coatings and with a small modification the GP Sprayers can also spray non-filled emulsified asphalt tack coatings.

DISSCO GP Sprayers are available with a wide variety of options ranging from numerous engine and pump sizes to provide delivery rates from 2 GPM up to 20 GPM (larger GPM outputs available). All units come standard equipped with Honda gas powered engines with other engine options available. DISSCO utilizes the time prove Viking pump as it primary material pump. Viking has proven itself without a doubt to be the most dependable asphalt pump in the industry.

GP Sprayer on SkidDISSCO GP Sprayers are engineered to provide many years of dependable service. GP Sprayers are available with either a belt drive reduction or direct coupled to a 6 to 1 reduction equipped gas engine. Both options have advantages depending on the application. Contact DISSCO to discuss which option will work best for you.

DISSCO GP Sprayers are available in various configurations either as a stand alone pump unit with just pump & engine mounted to a base, all the way to a complete unit including base mounted engine & pump, tanks, hose reel with all plumbing all mounted to a skid or supplied loose if desired.

All units are built to order so if you desire to have something different for a unique application or need the unit assembled in an unusual configuration just give us a call and we'll discuss your needs.

  • Engine sizes: 3 hp, 5 hp, 8 hp, 10 hp, 11 hp, 13 hp, 16 hp and 20 hp
  • Pump delivery options: 2-1/2 GPM, 5 GPM, 10 GPM, 15 GPM, 20 GPM
  • Tank sizes: 40 gallon to 800 gallon
  • Tank heater: LPG, diesel or electric
  • Suck back feature
  • Flush feature
  • GP Sprayer GP5H10V left viewLoad, unload, transfer option
  • 55 gal drum suction tube
  • 5 gal pail suction tube
  • Double spray wand
  • Hose reel
  • Skid mounted

In case of an EMERGENCY involving any DISSCO product please call:
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