DISSCO Mk VI Mastic Spray Rig

The DISSCO Mk VI was designed to spray heavy materials available packaged only in 55 gallon drums or materials that have a tendency to settle or separate in the drum during transportation or storage. The patented concept behind the Mk VI is to remix the material before application. This is achieved by having a 165 gallon low shear round bottom paddle mixer with a barrel lift incorporated as part of the machine. This design allows the material to be dumped into the mixer and remixed prior to application to provide a product of uniform consistency through out the job. Also this method has proven itself to be a cleaner operation than using drill mounted barrel mixers and suction tubes or pumps with hoists.

The DISSCO Mk VI is a powerful machine. Utilizing the proven GRACO VISCOUNT 4030 pump along with DISSCO's custom designed power unit, the Mk VI can spray almost any single component product that can be poured or shoveled out of a container, including heavy mastics and some plastic cements. The GRACO VISCOUNT pump can produce 4500 psi at delivery rates up to 5 gallons per minute and with DISSCO's Model 3083 custom built high pressure heater a trained applicator can apply up to 150 gallons of heavy mastic per hour of operation. I once had a customer tell me that with the Mk VI he was making a dollar for every 2 seconds of spray time.

Mk VI Standard Equipment
  • GRACO VISCOUNT 4030 pump, delivering 5 gpm at 4500 psi.
  • DISSCO 30 HP Wisconsin hydraulic power unit.
  • DISSCO 165 gal round bottom tank with power agitator and barrel lift.
  • DISSCO Model 3083 Heater, 83,000 Btu, 5000 psi heater with controls.
  • Frame mounted 40 gallon propane tank.
  • 24" Heavy duty power hose reel with 150' 3/4" 4000 psi hose coupled to 100' 1/2" 5000 psi hose.
  • 8' Spray gun w/ Spraying Systems Roto-Clean Tip w/ .072 orifice.
  • 4" Spray gun pole

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