DISSCO Tanks & Mixers

DISSCO manufactured tanks & mixers are quality constructed and designed for durability so as to provide many years of satisfied service.

DISSCO manufactures a wide variety of small to medium size tanks and mixers for the waterproofing, roofing and pavement maintenance industries. Although DISSCO constructs some standard size tanks almost all tanks and mixers manufactured are customized in some way or the other to meet the customer's requirements.

DISSCO can manufacture almost any size or type of tank or mixer desired. All tanks and mixers can be customized to fit almost any need desired.

Round Bottom Tanks & Mixers

DISSCO manufactured round bottom tanks and mixers are designed for the waterproofing and roofing industries where it is desired to completely drain the storage vessel or to agitate or remix materials that have a tendency to segregate during transportation or storage. DISSCO round bottom tanks are available with or without agitation

DISSCO round bottom tanks and mixers are available in gallon sizes from 50 gallon to 3000 gallon. Agitation options include simple blade type agitators to elaborate helical ribbon type mixers.

Oval Tanks

DISSCO manufacturers oval tanks for the seal coating and paving industries. Sizes range from 100 gallon (shown) to 1000 gallon. Options include; 10, 16 or 22 inch manways, burner tubes, LP or diesel fired burners, 2, 4 or 6 inch insulation, outlets in almost any configuration .

Square or Rectangular Tanks

DISSCO can manufacture almost any configuration of square or rectangular size tank one may desire ranging in size from as small as desired to as large as 1000 gallon or more with one or more compartments. If an unusual tank configuration is desired the odds are DISSCO can build it for you.

Storage and Transport Tanks

DISSCO also manufactures seal coat storage and transport tanks for both emulsified and cutback asphalt seal coatings. Options and sizes are to numerous to list. Please call 877-935-2485 or e-mail for further information.

Please contact DISSCO to receive a quote on the tank or mixer of your choice.

In case of an EMERGENCY involving any DISSCO product please call:
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