Roper® Pumps

3600 Series

Trouble-Free Versatility.

There must be 3600 easy ways to put these ultra-reliable workhorses to use.

The 3600 Series is excellent for a variety of mixing, blending, recirculating, and transferring of fluids at pressures to 125 psi. Offered in gray iron, with or without jacketing. These foot mounted pumps are built for a long, maintenance-free life.

  • Mixing, blending, recirculating and transferring heavy viscous material in either a fixed or mobile transfer application.
  • Ideal for gasoline, asphalt, molasses, ink, roofing compound and oils.
  • Heavy duty cast iron helical gear pumps.
  • Bi-directional, self-priming.
  • Differential pressures to 125 psi.
  • Up to 340 gpm.
  • Standard operation up to 212 F.
  • Can be built to operate up to 500 F.
  • Maintenance free durability.
  • Through ports or angle ports: 2-sided or top and side configuration.
  • Threaded ports or flanged tapped port connections.
  • Integral relief valve and integral gear reducer.
  • Outboard bearing, depending on drive and seal arrangements.
Cast IronHardened SteelBronzeSteel
Options Stainless SteelIronStainless Steel
Pump ModelMaximum Flow @ Maximum Speed (0 Discharge Pressure)Maximum PressureTheoretical CapacityMaximum SpeedPort Connection
3611/371182.5GPM (18.6M/HR)125 PSI (8.6 Bar).11 GPR (416.4CC/REV)750 RPM2" NPT
4611/471182.5GPM (18.6M/HR)125 PSI (8.6 Bar).11 GPR (416.4CC/REV)750 RPM2" NPT
3617/3717127.5GPM (28.8M/HR)125 PSI (8.6 Bar).17 GPR (643.5CC/REV)750 RPM2" NPT
4617/4717127.5GPM (28.8M/HR)125 PSI (8.6 Bar).17 GPR (643.5CC/REV)750 RPM2" NPT
3622/3722165GPM (37.2M/HR)125 PSI (8.6 Bar).22 GPR (832.8 CC/REV)750 RPM3" NPT
4622/4722165GPM (37.2M/HR)125 PSI (8.6 Bar).22 GPR (832.8CC/REV)750 RPM3" NPT
3635/3735222GPM (50.4M/HR)125 PSI (8.6 Bar).37GPR (1400.6CC/REV)600 RPM3" NPT
4638/4738342GPM (77.4M/HR)125 PSI (8.6 Bar).38 GPR (1438.4CC/REV)900 RPM4" NPT
3648/3748468GPM (106.2M/HR)125 PSI (8.6 Bar).52 GPR (1968.4CC/REV)900 RPM4" NPT
3658/3758360GPM (81.6M/HR)125 PSI (8.6 Bar).60 GPR (2271.2CC/REV)600 RPM4" NPT
4658/4758348GPM (79.2M/HR)125 PSI (8.6 Bar).58 GPR (2195.53CC/REV)600 RPM4" NPT

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