HDE 2 Ton Hot Box Reclaimer

The HDE 2 Ton hot box is a propane fired infrared heated hot box designed to maintain plant delivered temperatures of hot mix asphalt (HMA). The HDE 2 Ton Hot Box allows the user to pickup HMA from a hot mix plant and transport it great distances or keep it overnight and maintain the elevated temperature of the HMA so that it may be applied at the correct application temperature. The HDE 2 Ton Hot Box reclaimer will maintain proper working temperature of the asphalt for up to 48 hours. The hopper is heated by two 25,000 BTU infrared heaters. The temperature of the hopper is monitored by a 24-volt digital temperature controller that will turn the power the ignition systems as it calls for heat. The automatic spark ignition has a built-in safety that will shut the gas off if the flame goes out. HMA is discharged manually from the Hot Box by two slide gate doors at the rear of the unit. The HDE 2 Ton Hot Box is a trailer mounted with a 2-1/2” pintel hitch and has a 7 pin RV style trailer light plug. The HDE 2 Ton Hot Box requires a 1 ton or larger vehicle to pull safely. Unit is supplied with two full 100# propane bottles. It is the renter’s responsibility to return the unit with full propane bottles. For professional use only.