HDE P200 Infrared Pavement Heater

The HDE P200 Infrared Pavement Heater is propane fire infrared asphalt heater designed to reheat distressed asphalt pavements allowing the user to remix damaged asphalt pavement back into a smooth like new appearance. The addition of additional mix and or binder is normally required (sold separately). The HDE P200 measures to a working dimension of 36 inches by 48 inches. The HDE P200 is split in the center and hinged allowing the user to swing the heater to a working dimension of 18 inches by 96 inches which is ideal for repairing joints or transitions. The HDE P200 is designed to be manually lite and manually temperature controlled. The temperature can be controlled by adjusting the regulator pressure allowing the HDE P200 to used for thermoplastic installation, heating or drying of surfaces prior to waterproofing or joint installation. Propane not Included. For professional use only.